How to Remove Blood Stains on a Couch

Megan Richardson

Accidents can happen that lead to blood stains on furniture. Your son has a nosebleed that leaves a mess on your couch or your daughter jumps on the couch with a newly bloodied knee and the next thing you know you have a blood stain on your pristine furniture. Thankfully, blood stains can be removed.

  1. Wet a cloth and blot it on the stain to moisten it.

  2. Apply a cleaner that contains enzymes to the stain. Quick'n Brite and Zout are two examples of cleaners that contain enzymes.

  3. Rub a toothbrush in a circular motion over the stain, so the cleaner can penetrate the couch's fabric.

  4. Wipe away any blood that is lifted out with a clean towel.

  5. Wash off the stain remover by rubbing a damp cloth on the area. Let the moisture air dry.

  6. Repeat this process if necessary.