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How to Clean Rust Off a Home Security Screen Door

Kaye Wagner

Home security screen doors are made with strong ironwork that protects your front door from break-ins. Manufacturers treat most of their doors with a coating that will help prevent the screen door from rusting. Over time, however, this coating will wear off and rust may begin to develop.

Clean the rust off as soon as possible as it will degrade the metal, weaken it and can stain your door permanently.

  1. Remove your home security screen door by unscrewing the screw placed vertically in the hinges or by prying out the nail with a flat-head screwdriver. Lay the home security screen door horizontally on a concrete work surface or over a tarp on your lawn.

  2. Scrape rust off any areas on the door that aren’t made of fine screen using a metal paint scraper. Don’t scrape the screen as you could damage it.

  3. Brush the rust off the areas of the door not made of fine screen with a wire-bristle brush until gone. Again, don’t brush the screen, as it is fragile and could rip or bend.

  4. Spray water-displacement spray on any rust growth visible on the fine-screen parts of the door. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

  5. Gently scrub the screen door with a nylon-bristle brush until the rust is gone. Rinse the doors with clear water from your hose.

  6. Lean the door against your home and let it dry completely before reattaching.


Install an awning above your front door to prevent water from dripping directly on the home security screen door and rusting it.