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How to Remove Ink From Porcelain

Kimbry Parker

Whether on a sink, doll, washer or dryer, ink on porcelain can be tricky to remove. Fortunately, porcelain is quite durable and can tolerate a variety of cleaning methods. Removing ink from porcelain may require some trial and error to find the most effective method.

Fortunately, there are a variety of products that can effectively remove ink from porcelain

  1. Spray some hairspray on the ink-stained area. If you are working with a smaller porcelain item, such as a doll, it may be easier to spray the hairspray onto a rag first to apply it to the ink stain. Allow the hairspray to penetrate the stain for about a minute. Do not let it sit long enough for the hairspray to dry.

  2. Wipe the ink stain with a clean, soft cloth. Keep the area damp by applying more hairspray if necessary.

  3. Continue this process until all of the ink stain has lifted. Clean the area with a mild soap and clean rag, then rinse clean with plain water.

  4. Apply rubbing alcohol or acetone nail polish remover to a rag if the stain persists. Gently rub the ink-stained area with the rag until the stain has lifted. Wipe the area clean with soap and water, and then rinse thoroughly with plain water.

  5. Use bug spray as an alternative cleaning method. Spray the bug spray directly onto the ink stained area, or apply with a rag if the area is small. Rub the stain gently with a rag to lift the ink from the porcelain. Rinse the area with soapy water, and then with plain water.

  6. Remove the ink with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for yet another method of cleaning ink from porcelain. Dampen and wring out the Magic Eraser, scrub the stain lightly and wipe clean with a wet rag.