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How to Paint Over Porcelain Appliances

John Smith

Porcelain enamel is a protective surface that is fused to metal with very high heat. Porcelain enamel is found on many different appliances, including washers, dryers and stoves. Because appliances undergo wear and tear, they occasionally have to be repainted to maintain their shiny appearance. You can paint these appliances with porcelain touch-up paint.

You can paint appliances with porcelain touch-up paint.
  1. Remove any dirt, grime, rust and old paint on the surface of the porcelain appliance. Dirt and grime can be removed with cleaning products. Rust and old paint can be scraped off with a spatula or putty knife.

  2. Sand the porcelain with 300- or 400-grain sandpaper. Continue sanding until the porcelain feels smooth to the touch.

  3. Brush away any residue left on the surface from sanding.

  4. Wipe the porcelain with a rag doused with lacquer thinner. Windex glass cleaner with ammonia will also work.

  5. Apply a thin coat of porcelain touch-up paint that matches the color of your appliance. You can use any color paint if you are going to repaint the whole appliance.

  6. Apply another thin coat of porcelain appliance touch-up paint after waiting five minutes. Repeat the painting process at least two more times in five-minute intervals.

  7. Apply heat to the paint with a hair dryer for three minutes at a close distance. Place hair dryer 1 inch away from the appliance and heat the area for two more minutes. The heating method works only for small areas.