How to Cover a Dryer That Is Scratched on Top

Scratches on the top of a clothes dryer may look bad but don't affect the dryer's operation. The thin layer of porcelain that coats clothes dryers can chip or scratch when you drop or drag hard objects across the surface. You can conceal the scratch with an appliance repair paint in a matching color or hide the defect by purchasing one of a variety of cloth dryer covers that fit over the entire appliance.

There are several ways to cover a dryer scratch.
  1. Wipe down the surface of the dryer with paper towels to clean and remove dust from the top.

  2. Buff the scratch lightly with sandpaper to prepare it for a good bond with the appliance paint. Wipe away any residue with paper towels.

  3. Apply porcelain touch-up paint on the dryer scratch using the small applicator brush built into the cap on the paint bottle. Allow to dry completely, at least two hours.

  4. Purchase a cloth dryer cover and fit it over the entire appliance.

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