How to Calculate How Much Gravel Is Needed for a Driveway

Soren Bagley

Being able to calculate the amount of gravel needed for your driveway is a useful skill to have. It will allow you to save money on hiring a professional to do the job for you. It will also help you avoid buying too much or too little gravel for your project.


Given the ease with which this calculation can be made, anyone should be able to determine a driveway's gravel requirements.

  1. Measure the area that you want covered in gravel. You will need to measure both the length and width of the area. Both measurements should be taken in feet.

  2. Decide how deep you want the gravel to be. The standard depth for driveway gravel is two inches.

  3. Find a gravel calculator online. An example is provided in the resources section of this article.

  4. Enter the information gathered in step one into the calculator and click "calculate." Your gravel needs will automatically be displayed on the screen.


Gravel consisting of larger sized rocks will generally cover slightly more area per ton than gravel made up of smaller rocks.