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Wooden Privacy Fence Rules in Hillsborough County, Florida

Tracy Hodge

The Hillsborough Land Development Code regulates the installation of fences in Hillsborough County, Florida. These regulations place restrictions on the height, construction and placement of fencing on residential property.


Privacy fences in Hillsborough County, Florida must be consistent with the general appearance of the neighborhood. Wooden privacy fences cannot contain anything designed to inflict pain or injury to humans or animals, such as barbed wire or electronic fencing.


The finished side of the wooden fence must face outward in areas visible from the road. Back and side yards are exempt from this rule. Support beams and posts must be placed on the unfinished side of the fence.


Wooden privacy fences cannot exceed four feet in height in the front yard. Exceptions are made for fences surrounding public utility structures and areas that require six-foot fencing for screening. Side and back yard fences cannot exceed six feet. Residents who place a privacy fence on corner lots must keep the fence height six feet or under.