How to Anchor a Metal Swing Set

On most any spring or summer day, children will be playing on swing sets in neighborhoods across the country. Swing sets can give hours of enjoyment and recreation to children. Safety must be a concern, however, when setting up a swing set for children.

Anchored swing set

Swing sets need to be properly anchored to avoid the possibility of roll overs. Anchoring a swing set properly is something most any homeowner can do with simple tools and materials purchased at any home center.

  1. Set the constructed swing set on the desired play area. Use the shovel to mark a spot where each support post touches the ground.

  2. Dig a 16-inch square hole in each marked point. The hole should be approximately one foot deep.

  3. Attach a 3/8-inch drill bit to the cordless drill. Drill a hole with the cordless drill and drill bit through both sides of the base of each swing support. The hole should be approximately one inch from the base of each support.

  4. Open one bag of concrete and pour the contents into the wheelbarrow. Attach a hose to a water source. Spray water into the concrete and mix with the shovel until the concrete is the texture of extremely thick stew. Pour this concrete mixture into one hole until the hole is filled within one inch of the top. Mix additional concrete in the same manner and pour into the other holes until each hole is filled with concrete.

  5. Slide one carriage bolt into each hole drilled into the end of the support post.

  6. Carefully press each support post into the concrete mixture until it sinks below the carriage bolt. The post should be just deep enough so the carriage bolt is covered. The carriage bolts will lodge in the concrete after it dries and anchor the swing set.

  7. Allow the concrete mixture to dry. Cover each concrete area with soil and plant grass seed. The swing set is now ready for play.


Always supervise young children while they play on swing sets.

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