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How to Attach a Plaque to a Headstone

Marysia Walcerz

Attaching a plaque to a headstone is an excellent way to make a unique memorial for a loved one. Whether you're embellishing an existing headstone or designing an entire memorial, being able to attach a plaque can be an important part of creating your specific vision for a meaningful monument.

A copper plaque attached to stone


When purchasing Liquid Nails at a hardware store, ask for the specific product that would be ideal for the type of metal and stone you will be joining. Mineral spirits can be used to remove Liquid Nails if you over-apply and need to clean up spills.


Always work in a well-ventilated area, and protect your working surface with newspaper.

  1. Measure the plaque, and determine where you want to place it on the headstone. Using a pencil, lightly mark on the headstone where you intend to place the plaque, as a guide.

  2. Clean the back of the plaque and the area of the headstone where you will be attaching it with a damp rag. Dry the plaque and headstone after they are both clean.

  3. Roughen up the back of the plaque with sandpaper. This will increase the effective surface area of the plaque and will strengthen the bond between the plaque and headstone.

  4. Apply a 1/4-inch layer of Liquid Nails evenly to the back of the plaque. Depending on the size and weight of the plaque, you may need a thicker layer. Refer to the packaging instructions to determine how thickly you should apply the Liquid Nails.

  5. Press the plaque firmly onto the headstone where you marked it earlier. Lay the headstone down horizontally, if possible, when attaching the plaque. Brace the plaque against the headstone for at least 15 minutes to assure it bonds completely.

  6. Clean up any drips or residue with a damp rag. Be sure to wipe up any residue quickly, before it starts to harden.

  7. Allow the plaque at least 24 hours to bond completely to the headstone before placing it outside or otherwise moving it.