Ideas for Privacy Around Hot Tubs

One of the most enjoyable items you can buy for your home is a hot tub. Many people relax after a hard day of work by allowing the pulsating jets of hot water to soothe their aching bodies. You can make this experience more enjoyable by creating an environment where you are secluded in the privacy of your backyard.

Hot Tub Placement

In placing a hot tub in your yard, make sure you have easy access to an electrical outlet and water. Most hot tubs require a separate 220 volt line that will need to be run from your main electrical box. Unless you are highly skilled in installing electrical devices, hire a licensed electrician to wire your tub.

Locate your hot tub near the back entrance of your house if you plan to use it during the winter. Look for a naturally secluded part of your backyard, such as an outside wall of your house or garage, that provides privacy and protection.

Privacy Walls

Provide privacy for your hot tub by building a wall that blocks an outside view. To avoid boxing yourself in, cover no more than two sides of the tub. The wall only needs to be a few feet higher than the top of the tub to provide adequate privacy. Choosing styles and materials for the privacy wall is a matter of personal preference, but seek something that will blend in with the landscape and other structures. Attach the wall to a deck or build it as a free-standing structure surrounding the hot tub. A privacy wall should provide enough privacy while being aesthetically appeasing to the eye.

Creating Natural Privacy

Another way to provide privacy for your hot tub is to use the landscape to create a natural privacy wall. Use plants to create a natural fence. Arborvitaes work well for this. They are fast growing, easy to maintain and evergreen. You could plant bushes to provide privacy and enhance the natural beauty of your backyard. Another way to create a natural privacy fence is to build a wall using lattice and creeping vines planted at the base that will eventually fill in the open spaces in the wall.