How to Set Time on an Amano MJR Time Clock

Danielle Smyth

Amano MJR time clocks are a line of clocks and cards with a built-in employee time management system. If you have an Amano Pix-75, Amano Pix-10 or Amano MJR 8000, your time clock should have similar instructions. You can reset the time on your clock and use it to track employee time.

Time clocks are commonly used for hourly employees to track the hours they check into and out of the workplace. These systems often involve actual cards, inserted into the machine upon entrance and exit, which physically record the time on the card. Lately, more modern machines will save the times as data, and provide summaries of hours worked. While many of these have gone entirely digital, in some cases the reliability of the physical time clock means they are still in use.

Amano MJR Time Clock

The Amano MJR time clocks are a line of clocks and cards with a built-in employee time management system. More recent models can hold up to 250 employees’ information in their computer and can track normal hours, overtime and preset holidays. They can automatically adjust for daylight savings time if used in those particular regions.

As employees clock in and out using their weekly card, the machine saves their hours, adjusts for breaks and can provide all sorts of summaries and calculations for management and payroll. Most clocks are shipped pre-programmed to suit the business’s needs. The Amano MJR time clocks are designed for rougher work environments with high employee counts.

Amano Pix-75 Time Clock Manual

If you have an Amano Pix-75, Amano Pix-10 or Amano MJR 8000, you will likely have similar instructions. As per the manual, to set the time on an Amano MJR time clock:

  1. Insert and turn the manager key to be able to access the clock programming.
  2. Press the 1, 0 and E keys.
  3. Key in the year as a four-digit number (i.e. 2019), followed by the # key.
  4. Key in the month and date as a four-digit number (i.e. 0407 for the 7th of April), followed by the # key.
  5. Key in the current time, hour and minute in military time (i.e. 14:22 for 2:22 p.m.), then press the E key.
  6. The display will go blank and the timestamp will be updated.

Troubleshooting Amano Time Clocks

There are a number of Amano time clock error codes for easy troubleshooting. The most common are as follows:

  • 0-01: Time card has been inserted on the wrong side.
  • 1-22: Inserted incorrectly coded time card.
  • 1-30: Improper type of time card (too short).
  • 1-31: Improper type of time card (too long).
  • 8-80: Incorrect data programmed. Clear the applicable area’s data and reprogram the machine.
  • 8-85: Individual data reading error. Turn the key switch to “Function” mode, clear the data using the CL key and re-enter the data as needed.
  • 8-88: CPU memory defect. Turn the key switch to “Function” mode and clear the data using the CL key.
  • 9-60: Temporary defect of software caused by an outside source (noise, power surge). The machine will automatically reset 3 seconds after the error is displayed.
  • 9-70: Hardware issues (printer, sensor, motor, etc). Clear the entry using the CL button and clean the sensors as applicable.
  • 9-90: Card reading failure. Call for service.
  • 9-91: Card sensor level defect. Call for service.

Benefits to Amano MJR Time Clocks

The main benefit to using a totaling time clock like the Amano MJR series is to save valuable employee time. Totaling up hours for a large number of hourly employees, doing overtime calculations and vacation adjustments, and inputting payroll can take up a significant amount of human time that can be used elsewhere.

These systems do the math every time a card is punched, and can easily sum up whatever the designated pay period might be to help save time. They can also serve as records, to ensure hourly employees are arriving at work on time as scheduled and are working their full day. Time clock systems ensure records are accurate: Money is saved for the business and everyone is able to get their paycheck right on time.