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How To Use an LL Bean Big Ben Alarm Clock

James Clark

LL Bean manufactures and sells a tabletop alarm clock called the Big Ben, designed as a replica of alarm clocks popular in the 1940s. The name is somewhat misleading, since the timepiece does not even remotely resemble the famous tower clock in London. However, using the clock is a straightforward process.

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  1. Remove the battery cover on the back of the clock with the screwdriver and install one AA battery.

  2. Set the correct time on the clock by turning the adjustment knob on the back clockwise.

  3. Set the alarm on the Big Ben clock by turning the alarm knob and adjusting the dial on the face of the clock to the desired ring time.

  4. Arm the alarm by pulling outward on the alarm knob.

  5. Press the alarm shut-off button on top of the clock to stop the ringing.