Dyson vs. Sebo

When you look at high-end vacuum cleaners, two brand names that you are likely to come across include Dyson and Sebo. Both companies are known for the high-quality cleaners and accessories they produce. Compare both of their vacuum cleaners' features, prices and user reviews to determine which company is better to buy from.


Sebo's line of vacuum cleaners is mostly full-sized models, best suited for large carpeted areas or commercial use. Sebo only produces upright models and you can purchase extra brushes, extension hoses and filters for your vacuum. Sebo has four series of vacuum cleaners available: the Air Belt C Series, Air Belt K Series, Automatic X Series and Essential G Series. The only household vacuum cleaner that it offers is the Sebo 370. On the other hand, Dyson has a much larger product line with upright, hand-held and canister vacuum cleaners. Some Dyson models include the DC 31, DC 16 and Animal. The same types of accessories by Sebo are available from Dyson.


Dyson vacuum cleaners have a more stylish and lightweight design, while Sebo cleaners look more utilitarian. Sebo vacuum cleaners are heavier than Dyson models as well. Dyson uses a bagless filtration system while you must use Sebo-compatible dust bags on its models. However, the Sebo full-size bags allow you to collect much more dirt and debris before you need to empty the vacuum as compared to the Dyson versions. Both Sebo and Dyson have telescopic reach capabilities to make cleaning hard-to-reach areas a much simpler task.


The prices of Sebo and Dyson vacuum cleaners are in a similar range. Sebo cleaners will typically cost you between $400 and $700 for a new vacuum. Most Dyson new vacuum cleaners have a suggested price of $400 to $600 (2009 prices). Purchasing used or refurbished Sebo or Dyson vacuum cleaners can drop the price on models from both companies significantly.


Review sites allow you to find out what others are saying about both Sebo and Dyson cleaners. Many reviewers have stated that Dyson cleaners have good suction, maneuverability and a small size. Sebo vacuums are lauded for their power and solid construction. You can make comparisons and read multiple reviews through online sites like Consumer Search (see Resources).


For commercial use, Sebo may be the better choice due to the large canisters and dust bags. However, homeowners are more likely to find Dyson vacuum cleaners appealing, due to their size and portability.


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