Parts of a Toaster Oven

Julie Bawden-Davis

Toaster ovens work much like standard ovens. They contain heating elements that circulate heat throughout the oven, which bakes the food. Toaster ovens feature a variety of accessory parts. Some of these accessories and other toaster oven parts eventually require replacement.

Parts of a Toaster Oven

A toaster oven offers you a quick, convenient way to “oven-bake” food without heating up your house. This versatile machine can be used to bake foods or simply toast bread and other foods.

How a Toaster Oven Works

Standard toaster ovens work much like regular-sized ovens. They have a heating element in the oven that circulates heat. This heat cooks food from the outside in and browning it. Settings on standard toaster ovens include bake, broil and toast. Some toaster ovens also have settings for defrosting and roasting. You may even find toaster ovens containing an element that creates steam.

There are toaster ovens that feature an automatic ejection tray that opens the oven when the food is completed. This lets you know that your meal is complete before it cools off. There is a thermostat control on standard toaster ovens. This generally includes baking and broiling. Heating coils in the toaster oven turn on and off in order to maintain a consistent temperature. There are models with digital controls and others with manual dials. Convection toaster ovens have heating elements and a fan that circulates heat throughout the toaster oven providing quick, even baking of food.

Toaster Oven Accessory Parts

Most toaster ovens come with various accessory parts. These include racks and nonstick pans for baking items like cookies. There are also crumb trays that collect pieces of fallen food. Some models feature a crumb tray that can be lifted out and emptied. Other models also have a broiling tray for catching drippings from foods like meat. Some oven accessory parts that commonly need replacing include wire racks, baking pans and broiling trays.

Common Toaster Oven Replacement Parts

Eventually, most toaster ovens will require replacement parts. Some of these parts include the electrical cord, which can become damaged and unsafe to plug in. The main switch may also become faulty and fail to turn the unit on and off. The sensor and oven-heating element also commonly need replacement. Without these parts working correctly, the toaster oven won’t bake or heat.

Knobs are another oven part that commonly needs replacing. There are knobs to turn the unit on and off, as well as knobs to control the temperature and timer knobs that turn off the toaster at preset times.

The toaster oven's window door may also need to be replaced at some point since doors are susceptible to scratches and the windows may crack.