Equipment for Furniture Moving

Whether you are moving to a new residence or simply moving furniture within a room or to a different room in the same house, there are many types of labor-saving devices that can maximize your moving efficiency. They can also minimize the numbers of injuries suffered by you or your moving crew.


Dollies can be used to safely move heavy and unwieldy appliances (e.g., refrigerators, washing machines, dryers) and heavy or large pieces of furniture. Dollies are available in different sizes, but each has a flat surface platform that supports the furniture or appliance and wheels to simplify moving and minimize back strain.

Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders allow you to move furniture between rooms inside your dwelling. The sliders are placed under the legs of a sofa, desk or entertainment center, and the piece of furniture then slides to the new location---with assistance from you and some assistants, of course. Sliders work well on both hardwood and carpeted floors, and they prevent damage to the floor from scratching, scuffing and gouging. They also can help movers avoid back strain and other exertion injuries.

Furniture Covers, Pads, and Wraps

Moving truck companies like U-Haul sell accessories to protect your furniture from scratches, nicks or other damage during transit. Accessories include clear wraps, furniture covers and corner/edge protectors---durable pads that cushion furniture corners. Clear wraps act as protective shields in case something sharp falls onto your furniture or it gets knocked onto its side in transit. Furniture covers add another layer of protection to prevent scratching between pieces of furniture.

Mattress Covers

Mattress covers are specifically designed to protect mattresses and mattress boxes from ripping open during a move. Covers are sold in assorted sizes to fit whatever size your mattress is.

Final Notes

When attempting any kind of heavy-lifting projects such as moving, enlist help from family members or friends. Not only will your project be finished more quickly, but you're less likely to have injuries.