How Much Do Trane Air Conditioners Cost?

Trane is one of the industry leaders in manufacturing air conditioning systems. It offers several lines of systems appropriate for various applications. The cost of a Trane air conditioner can be anywhere from a just under $1,000 to several thousand dollars depending on the model. Several other factors go into determining the overall cost of purchasing and regularly operating a Trane air conditioning system.

How They Work

Trane air conditioners

Trane central air conditioning systems contain compressors, coils, condensers and evaporating components. Compressors pump refrigerant chemicals through the air conditioning system. Warm air from a room blows across the evaporation coils and transfers its heat energy to refrigerants, which cool the air. The heat that is absorbed from the air is transferred outside of the building. Many Trane air conditioning systems use the same ductwork as the building's existing heating system.


One of the biggest factors that affects the overall cost of installing a central air conditioning system is whether ductwork will need to be installed along with the air conditioning unit. Installing a Trane central air conditioning system in a home ranging from 800 to 2,000 square feet can cost anywhere between $2,100 and $10,000, as of late 2009. Having to install ductwork will generally double the cost.


Trane has several models of air conditioners available to consumers. Some of the more popular models are the XL20i, the XL15i, the XR15 and the XB14. Each type of Trane air conditioner offers certain benefits and is ideal for certain applications. Larger models like the XL20i will cost more than smaller units like the XL15i.


The Trane XL20i comes with two compressors, one for mild weather while the other for very hot weather. The XL15i has a low sound level compared to most other central air conditioning units. Most of Trane's air conditioner models have seasonal energy efficiency ratio ratings that make them eligible for energy-efficiency tax credits.


Central air conditioners should be installed only by licensed professionals. Installation can take anywhere between two and six days to complete depending on if ductwork will be needed. Most Trane air conditioning systems come with warranties on particular parts.

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