The Purpose of Fencing

Fencing serves many different functions, be it to enhance landscaping, for safety, noise reduction and privacy, or for the simple task of keeping livestock penned.


Fences can be many types and serve many purposes.Fences can be many types and serve many purposes.
Whatever the purpose, there are any number of types of fencing to consider, according to the website Ranching With Sheep.

One purpose of fencing is simply to add to the appearance and value of a property, according to the website Handy Canadian. You should consider certain factors prior to installing decorative fencing on private property. Always have the area to be fenced checked for the presence of underground utilities. Ensure that the fencing is strictly within the property line and doesn’t extend onto another person’s land. Building permit requirements and local zoning laws need to be checked to make sure that the type of fencing you’re considering is up to standard.

Livestock Fencing

The purpose of livestock fencing is instrumental in determining the type of fencing that suits, according to Because livestock fencing comes in many different types, determine the livestock species and purpose to help choose the appropriate fencing options. Some types include cross fencing, perimeter fencing, portable fencing, and corral and handling fencing.

Cross Fencing

Dividing a paddock into smaller sizes within the entire perimeter constitutes cross fencing, according to Installed secondarily to the perimeter, it serves to keep troublesome livestock confined in the main perimeter even if they escape the confines of the cross fencing. Cross fencing can either be made temporarily with wire or installed more permanently once the best layout has been determined.

Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing generally encases the entire area designated by the landowner for livestock. Usually the first fencing installed on the property, its purpose is to keep livestock in and potential predators out. Consequently, perimeter fencing is permanent and may be considered a land improvement investment.

Portable Fencing

Portable fencing is designed to be movable. Consequently, portable fencing may be used for different purposes, according to the You can use it to separate different types of livestock temporarily, and it can be used interchangeably depending on the changing number of livestock or for limiting winter feed areas.

Corral and Handling Fencing

Corral/handling fencing serves the primary purpose of fencing a relatively small area intended to control livestock. Because these areas are high-pressure and high-traffic (i.e.: the loading and unloading of livestock), they must be safe and secure areas, and can be more costly to fence than other areas. Most areas that are fenced for corral/handling purposes are not used for routine living areas and are most likely in use only a few times a year.

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