Uses for Wine Corks

After enjoying a bottle of wine, you may wonder what to do with that collection of wine corks sitting in a bowl on the kitchen counter.

Cabinet Door Pads

Or you may be trying to find economical alternatives to common household items. In either case, give those wine corks a new purpose with some creative inspiration.

Glue thin slices of cork to the inside of cabinet doors to silence the noise when closing them.

Chair Leg Sliders

Use thin slices of cork glued to the bottom of chair legs to allow them to slide easily without scratching the floors.

Craft Projects

Save multiple corks to piece together cute craft projects, such as wreaths or trivets.


Cut a cork in half and push one half under the door to keep it propped open or securely closed.

Knife Rest

Glue several corks together side by side and place in a drawer. Secure the knives, blade side down, in the crevices to protect their quality and your fingers.


Push pins and needles into a cork as an alternative to a pincushion.

Sanding Block

Wrap a piece of sandpaper around a cork and use it to smooth over rough spots in small nooks and crannies.

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