Cost of Metal Vs. Shingle Roof

A shingle roof is cheaper to install, but in the long run a metal roof provides better value. Also, the cost of metal roofs has dropped over time, making them more affordable.

Prevalence of Shingle Roofs

Immediate and short-term costs are often the most important consideration for homeowners when it comes to roof repair. That's one reason more than 70 percent of American homes have shingle roofs.


Ease of installation saves on labor costs for shingle roofs. A crew need not be highly trained. They can install a shingle roof in as little as a day.


Metal roofs require less maintenance and will outlast shingle roofs. Most are guaranteed for 30 to 50 years, whereas shingle roofs average 17 years.

Insulation Properties

Metal roofs insulate better and will save money on utilities.


Metal is less likely to leak than asphalt, saving you repair costs.

Additional Advantages of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are fireproof, recyclable and cost less to insure.