Types of Bathtub Drains

There are five main types of bathtub drains: foot lock, roller ball, lift and turn, pop-up and plunger.

There are five main types of bathtub drains

Foot Lock

Foot lock drains have smooth drain stoppers that can be controlled by stepping on them.

Roller Ball

Roller ball drains can be operated by pushing the plug down to hold water and pulling it up to allow water to drain.

Lift and Turn

Lift and turn drains function by turning the plug in opposite directions to hold or drain water.


Pop-up drains are controlled by a trip lever attached to the tub wall. The trip lever moves the stopper up and down to seal and open the drain.


Plunger drains are also controlled by a trip lever. These drains have no visible stopper; the trip lever moves a hidden plunger up and down to seal and open the drain.

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