What Is New in Roofing Materials?

Roofs play an integral part in protecting a home, and different roofing materials offer specific advantages. Roofing materials have evolved to include a wide variety of options that are increasingly durable and environmentally friendly.


Roofing options continue to diversify.

New fiberglass roofs offer the toughness of asphalt with added environmental benefits, while modern metal roofs are made to resist even the toughest weather without sustaining damage.


New asphalt, fiberglass, and tile roofs all come in many different colors and designs now, while new metal roofs can be created to replicate nearly any desired look.


Newer roofing materials have placed a focus on the environment, as fiberglass and plastic roofs are made largely from recycled materials. New metal roofs reflect sunlight to reduce a home's energy use.


Many new roofs made of concrete tiles, clay tiles and metal are difficult to install because of their complicated designs and weight. Asphalt shingles are still the easiest to put in, and they can often be installed without professional assistance.


High quality roofs made from metal can get expensive, while composite shingles remain the cheapest option. The longevity and durability of more expensive roofs like metal and clay tile make them a worthwhile investment.

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