Flat Top Vs. Coil Top Cook Stoves

Although coil and smooth cook tops effectively heat food, there are different benefits and disadvantages to each.


Your budget, taste and usage will help you decide which type of stove top best suits your needs.

Flat top stove tops have heating elements hidden underneath creating a sleek appearance, usually composed from glass and ceramic. The burners of coil top stove tops have metal tubes that encase the electrical wires and insulation used for heating.


Coil cook tops are cheaper than smooth cook tops. Coil tops average between $200 and $350 while the majority of smooth top cook tops range from $550 to $1,100.

Cleaning Considerations

Coil cook tops are difficult to keep clean because food can get caught between the coils and burn, whereas smooth cook tops are easily wiped down with a non-abrasive or special cleaner. Coil burners need to be removed from the stove and then cleaned with a solution of dishwasher soap or baking soda and water.

Additional Care Concerns

Smooth cook tops easily scratch from jewelry or abrasive cleaners, whereas coil cook tops are more resilient to scratches. Coil cook tops also have drip pans which must be cleaned.


Coil cook tops transfer heat efficiently to all types of cookware, whereas smooth cook tops transfer heat to flat bottomed cookware best. Heating elements beneath smooth cook tops transfer heat to the burner; coil burners heat by direct contact.