What Is a Snow Coat on a Mobile Home Roof?

Mobile home and RV roofs are often not as durable as one would like, and tend to leak. This is a serious problem in places where rain and snow fall a lot. A snow coat addresses this problem.


Mobile homes need good roofs

Snow coat is a generic name for elastomeric roof coatings made primarily for mobile home and RV roofs, to waterproof them and prevent leaks.  The coating is often white, thus the name. The main purpose of a snow coat is to waterproof the roof.  But the white color also reflects light, helping to keep the interior of the home cooler in summer.


The typical snow coat product comes in a 5-gallon bucket, and is a thick white goo.  After proper preparation of the roof surface, it's applied with a long-handled paint roller. It dries to a thick rubbery solid.  It's meant to last about 10 years or so before needing to be redone.


Similar products are available to waterproof walls and basements.  One even looks like stucco when sprayed on a wall. Also, a silver-colored roll-on variety is made to match an aluminum roof. 

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