What Is Elasbelt Webbing?

No one likes a sagging chair, but reupholstering or replacing furniture can be prohibitively expensive. Elasbelt webbing is an affordable way to put new life in old furniture and makes for an easy DIY project.


Elasbelt webbing is a strip of material, made from either rubber or latex, used in place of springs in furniture. Often 2 to 3 inches wide, it is interwoven in a typical basketweave style on the frame of a piece of furniture. It can either be directly fastened to the furniture with tacks or secured with special clips using wide-jaw pliers.

Using Elasbelt Webbing

First, measure the furniture and make a mark every 6 to 7 inches, making sure to evenly space the marks from the ends. The webbing strips should be spaced about 3 to 4 inches apart, forming a basketweave by passing strips under and over each other. Fasten the strips so that they are taut but not to their maximum tension.

Considerations and Safety

Be sure that the type of Elasbelt webbing you purchase is the proper grade for your project. The rubber gauge, elasticity and number of strands in the Elasbelt webbing vary from type to type. The color and number of lines down the center of the strip can better help one to determine the best choice for a specific project.

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