Specifications for a Caterpillar D8R Dozer

The Caterpillar D8R is a track-based crawler tractor. Because its weight is distributed over the large surface area of the tracks, the crawler tractor can operate on soft surfaces not suitable for wheeled vehicles.


The Caterpillar D8R is a common sight on construction projects.

The Caterpillar D8R is 21 feet long, including the blade.  It is 87 feet wide at the widest part of the tracks and has a total of 105 feet of track in contact with the ground.

At 115 feet tall, it offers 17 feet of ground clearance. 

Engine Specifications

The Caterpillar D8R has a six-cylinder diesel engine.  The 146L engine produces 305 horsepower at 2,100 rpm.

The engine is both turbocharged and aftercooled. 

Weight and Capacities

The Caterpillar D8R has an operational weight of 73,850 pounds.  It has a fuel capacity of 1651 gallons.

Operating Speeds

The Caterpillar D8R is capable of 68 mph going forward.  In reverse, it is capable of 86 miles per hour.

Track Specifications

The tracks exert 131 pounds per square inch (PSI) on the ground under the tractor.  They use a standard 22-inch shoe and have 44 shoes per side.

There are eight track rollers per side and the track has an 85-inch pitch. 

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