Upright Freezer Problems

If your upright freezer is not working properly, take some time to troubleshoot the problem instead of calling a repairman. Many common freezer problems are caused by a defective part that can easily be replaced.

Freezer is Not Running

If you do not hear the unit running or see the interior light turn on when you open the door, verify that the freezer is plugged in and the circuit breaker switch is on. Adjust the thermostat to a lower setting and wait an hour to see if this turns the motor on.

Freezer Does Not Cool

Make sure there is adequate air flow behind the freezer and inside the compartment. Rearrange your food so the freezer is not completely full. Defrost the unit to remove any ice that may cover the coils or prevent the freezer door from closing.

Excess Noise

Open the door of the freezer and press down the door switch while you listen to the noise. Replace the circulating fan if the noise gets louder with the door open. If the sound is coming from behind the freezer, call a technician to inspect and replace the compressor.