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Modern Coffee Percolators Vs. Vintage Coffee Percolators

Kristen James

Almost every household has an electric coffee maker, and many coffee drinkers also have modern or vintage percolators, which work without electricity. People find value in new or very old percolators for different reasons.


A vintage coffee percolator

Percolators have a basket inside the pot that holds ground coffee beans. When the water in the pot boils, it filters through the ground coffee.

Modern Coffee Percolators

Many campers have a modern percolator, constructed of aluminum, so they can brew coffee on the campfire or propane stove, or during power outages at home.

Vintage Coffee Percolators

Vintage percolators, made from aluminum, glass or porcelain, can be old or newly made but crafted to look like an older version. Some "vintage" coffee makers are fine porcelain and painted with flowers, and yet use electricity to brew coffee. The term "vintage" is used mostly to describe the look of the peculator.

Antique Percolators

By contrast, an older coffee percolator is considered an antique, not always "vintage." Antiques percolators date back to the early 18th century.