How Does Dyson Zorb Work?

Neil Greenlees

Dysion Zorb is not a model of vacuum cleaner. It is a powder used in conjunction with the company's well-known range of vacuums to keep carpets and rugs fresh and clean.

Describing Zorb

Dyson Zorb is a powder used in conjunction with the firm's vacuum cleaners to keep carpets fresh and clean.

Zorb, which is supplied in a purple bag, is described by Dyson as a "carpet cleaner powder to keep new carpets looking new, with none of the drawbacks of wet cleaning." It refers to Zorb as a "carpet maintenance product."

Using Dyson Zorb

Sprinkle Dyson Zorb over the rug or carpet to be cleaned, and brush it into the fibers. Leave it on the carpet for half an hour before vacuuming thoroughly to remove the Zorb.

Zorb Compatibility

Dyson Zorb can be used with all of the company's upright vacuums as well as the DC21 and DC 23 cleaners. A tool called a "Zorb Groomer" can be attached to other Dyson cleaners to enable the Zorb process to be completed as quickly as possible.