How Fast Do Composting Worms Multiply?

Eisenia fetida, commonly known as red worms, reproduce and decompose matter quickly, making them effective composters. Although most worms live and die in the same year, red worms can live as long as four years, according to a report from Washington State University.

Time Frame

Redworms multiply quickly.

Red worms can double their population every 90 days, as long as conditions inside the bin, such as temperature, moisture level and food supply, remain hospitable.


A pound generally includes about 1,000 red worms. Worms eat about half their weight each day, and need plenty of food to multiply. So 2 lbs. of worms would eat about 1 lb. of organic waste every a day.


The ideal temperature for worm breeding is between 59 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If temperatures dip too low, the worms will not eat or multiply. If the temperature inside the compost bin reaches 86 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, the worms will try to escape.


If worms have to compete for food, the population will decline. If your worm population suddenly explodes, start a new compost bin or give extra worms to a friend.

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