Definition of Roofing Recovery Board

Roofing recovery board is a product offered by many companies that is used mainly for reroofing troubled or aged roofs.


Roofing recovery board is used mainly on commercial roofs. They are used for aged roofs needing repairs. The recovery boards are placed directly over the existing roof without tearing the old roof off.


With roofing recovery board, the old roof does not have to be removed, saving the building owner money. The owner saves the costs of tearing off the old roof and having to discard the debris from it. Roofing recovery board also adds insulation to the house and helps prevent moisture from penetrating.


Recovery boards typically are available in either ½-inch or 1-inch thicknesses and primarily come in boards that are 48 inches by 96 inches. Recovery boards are made with closed-cell structure which stops moisture from permeating. It is easy to install and inexpensive compared to other roofing options.