Ultrasonic Flea Repellents

Fleas are small insects that feed on the blood of pets such as dogs or cats.

How They Work

Fleas are enemies of cats and dogs.
They carry diseases such as tapeworm and even the bubonic plague. Ultrasonic devices claim to eliminate fleas from homes or pets without the dangers of harmful chemicals. .

Electronic pest repellents utilize ultrasonic frequencies said to deter insects from a room, a pet or other area. These products come in many forms, including a plug-in form and a collar form.


By using an ultrasonic flea repellent, the owner may avoid using harmful chemicals or pesticides on his pet's fur. Some cheaper versions of these devices may save the owner money over the cost of traditional flea control products.


Cost depends upon the product. For example, an electronic flea collar may be as low as $6.99, while a plug-in ultrasonic flea repellent may cost several hundred dollars at $699.

Do They Work?

These products have not been proven to "effectively repel or eliminate pests," according to both the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Arizona. Instead, pet owners should consider using chemical flea repellents or herbal flea repellents.