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What Is Spin Sense on an LG Washer?

Lolo Parker

The Spin Sense option on certain LG washer models reduces the amount of noise generated from your washer during the spin cycle. This feature also reduces vibrational movement, so your washer stays in place and doesn't migrate from its original position, especially when placed on wood flooring.

Expert Advice

The Spin Sense feature protects your wood floor from being scrached by washer movement.

LG recommends that you check to see if your washer is level with your floor before using the Spin Sense feature. All four feet of your washer model should make full contact with the floor's surface.

Button Activation

If you have an LG washer model that has a Spin Sense button on the control panel, press the button and hold it for at least three seconds after loading your laundry and closing the washer's door. The Spin Sense indicator light will blink when you've activated the feature.

Option Activation

If you don't have a Spin Sense button, press down the option button, then select the rinse and spin option. The Spin Sense indicator light will turn on when you've activated the feature.


The Spin Sense feature negatively impacts how much water the spin cycle removes from your laundry, according to ConsumerReports.org. You may need to extend your drying time as a result of this.