How to Convert a 220-Volt Motor to a 110-Volt

While most countries use 220-volt sockets that power 220-volt appliances, the United States uses 120-volt sockets as the standard electrical socket voltage. If you are moving to the United States with 220-volt plugs on your appliances, you can use a "step-up and step-down" transformer. This type of transformer is a device that you can plug 220-volt items into so the voltage is "stepped down" or plug 120-volt items into so the voltage can be "stepped up" so they are compatible with 220-volt sockets. There is a wide array of step-up and step-down transformers. However, they all work in essentially the same way. You can use these transformers on large appliances with motors like washers, dryers, air conditioners and generators.

Step 1

Plug the step-up and step-down transformer into your 120-volt wall plug.

Step 2

Locate the appropriate 220-volt socket formation on the back end of the step-up and step-down transformer that matches the plug formation of the motor you need to convert. Connect the plug of the item you need to convert into the transformer.

Step 3

Turn the transformer's power on.

Step 4

Power up the motor of the appliance or device you have plugged into the transformer.

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