How to Make a Chair With Books

A chair is the perfect place to sit and read a book. Bibliophiles might enjoy a chair for their library or study, especially if it is constructed from books. Creating a book chair is a unique project, as there are few examples of chairs that are made from only books. Book chairs should be designed for the space they will occupy, and should be made from solid, hardback books. Creating a book chair is a project that involves a little planning and some strong glue.

Used books can be glued together to create a chair.

Step 1

Find a clear wall for the book chair to rest against. The wall will serve as the backrest for the chair. Measure the dimensions of the space the chair will occupy by stretching the measuring tape across the wall, and write these dimensions down for later.

Step 2

Gather as many hard cover books as possible, and group similar sized books in piles on the floor. Glue the cover of the books to the inside pages and allow the books to dry overnight.

Step 3

Lay out the books cover to cover on the floor to create the base for the chair. Glue these books together to create a flat, single-piece base in the shape of a rectangle. The base of the chair should be wide enough to seat a human, with a foot of length in excess on either side for the arm rests.

Step 4

Glue another full layer of books to the base layer, and add more layers until the chair is at least two feet tall. Allow the layers to dry before sitting on them. Add more layers for extra height if necessary.

Step 5

Add a layer one book wide on each side of the main seat to create arm rests and to form a cradle-shaped chair. Glue as many books tall on each side to reach the desired height for the armrests. Allow the chair to dry and slide the chair against the wall to create a backrest. Add a pillow to the chair seat for added comfort.


  • Never use super glue to glue fabric covers, as it will not always adhere. Instead, use wood glue or craft glue.

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