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How to Recover a Round Ottoman

Brynne Chandler

Ottomans (also called hassocks) are both attractive and useful, but the more they are used the less attractive they get. Buying a new one can be expensive, but that's not your only option. You don't have to be an accomplished seamstress to recover a round ottoman; a few pins, some simple seam-work and you have a custom slipcover. Follow the steps below, and it's just an afternoon's work to reupholster your favorite hassock.

How to Recover a Round Ottoman

  1. Lay your fabric on the cutting surface, printed side down.

  2. Measure the circumference of the ottoman, and add 4 inches. Divide that number in half and stick a straight pin through the tape at that half-way mark.

  3. Stick the straight pin through the fabric, leaving enough room for the tail end of the measuring tape to make circle around the pin while staying on the fabric. Follow the end of the measuring tape with the fabric marker as you sweep it in a circle over the fabric. When you are done, you should have a circle drawn on the fabric that is 4 inches bigger all around then your ottoman.

  4. Cut the circle out and lay it aside.

  5. Measure the side of the ottoman, top to bottom. Add 4 inches. Cut a strip of fabric that is 4 inches longer than the ottoman's circumference (which you already measured in step 1) and 4 inches wider.

  6. Add padding, if necessary, by spraying the original fabric with adhesive and then laying a sheet of batting on top. Spray between layers if you are adding more than one. Trim away the extra batting with the scissors.

  7. Lay the fabric circle printed side down on the ottoman. Make sure it is centered.

  8. Wrap the fabric strip printed side in around the ottoman, and pin it loosely in a couple of places. Once it is attached, go back and pin it carefully, fitting the fabric snugly to the ottoman as you go. Pin the vertical side seam closed.

  9. Use a loose basting stitch to sew your slipcover together, removing the pins as you go to make sure the sewing machine needle doesn't hit them.

  10. Turn the fabric right side out and fit the slipcover over your ottoman. If it it is too loose or you can't get it on the ottoman, turn it back inside out, re-pin and re-baste.

  11. Fit the fabric over the ottoman again, and when it is snug but not too tight, use regular stitches to sew it all together. Remove any stray basting threads.

  12. Fit the fabric over the ottoman one last time, wrong side out. Fold the hem up to where you want it, and pin it with the straight pins.

  13. Remove the cover form the ottoman and sew a seam around the hem. Snip any stray threads, check it for any pins you may have missed, turn it right side out and slip it onto the ottoman.