How to Change Natural Gas Heating to LP

Heating units such as water heaters, pool heaters and room heaters that run on natural gas can sometimes be converted to run on liquid propane, or LP. You can convert the heater at home with the purchase of a conversion kit. Before starting a conversion project, check any warning labels on the heater to ensure that it can be converted to use a different gas.

Gas heater unit control

Step 1

Contact the heater's manufacturer to see if a conversion kit is available for purchase. The manufacturer might offer a kit complete with all the necessary parts and instructions. If the manufacturer doesn't, purchase a kit or the required parts from a home improvement store.

Step 2

Turn off the gas supply to the heater, and unplug any electricity sources to the unit.

Step 3

Remove any panels, lids or other covers that protects the gas valves, orifices, burners or the pilot light.

Step 4

Replace each part with the corresponding part designed for LP gas. Ensure that everything is properly and tightly secured.

Step 5

Check for gas leaks. Prepare a solution of soap and water, and apply a small amount to the gas line connections. Turn on the gas supply to the heater, but not any electric or burners. If bubbles form around the connection, it needs to be tightened.


  • Natural gas components are not interchangeable with LP components for any type of appliance. LP gas is supplied under greater pressure than natural gas. The natural gas components, such as orifices, are larger to supply enough gas to ignite the flame. If LP gas is supplied through natural gas components, too much gas will be released resulting in a very large flame or possible explosion.