How to Convert a Frigidaire Gas Range to Propane

Gas ranges come ready to use with natural gas since it’s a common form of fuel throughout the U.
S. However, propane conversion kits are also usually attached to the ranges, including those manufactured by Frigidaire, to make switching from natural gas to propane simple for users with access to it. Since propane moves at a higher pressure, it needs smaller openings on the range for the proper amount of gas to come out. Frigidaire offers a conversion kit to help you adjust the orifices to the right size so too much propane gas won't come out of your stove.

Step 1

Locate the gas regulator on the back of the range on the bottom left-hand side. There will be a dial on the regulator to control the size of the orifice. Turn the dial to 11 for propane conversion.

Step 2

Lift the burner grates and covers from the range to access the gas lines that supply them. Match each propane orifice with each burner by looking at the part numbers.

Step 3

Tighten the propane orifices to the burner orifices with a wrench to convert your Frigidaire range from natural gas to propane. Replace the burner grates and covers onto the range once you've finished the conversion.

Things You Will Need

  • Wrench

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