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How to Convert a Frigidaire Gas Range to Propane

Mackenzie Maxwell
Table of Contents

While many Frigidaire ranges run on natural gas, some people prefer propane. With some important precautions and the right tools, you can make the switch.

How to Convert a Frigidaire Gas Range to Propane

If you just bought a Frigidaire range only to discover that it's designed for natural gas and your house uses propane, don't fret. With a few safety considerations, the right tools and some knowledge, you can convert your new range and get cooking soon.

Range Versus Stove Versus Oven

Before you can convert appliances to your preferred fuel source, it's important to have a solid grasp of some terminology. In some homes, the stovetop and oven are separate. However, many homes have a range, which is the combination of a stovetop and oven in one appliance. This setup is popular due to its convenience. When you switch a range from natural gas to propane, both the stove and oven will run on propane.

Safety Considerations

Anytime you work with appliances, safety should be a major concern. Before you convert your Frigidaire unit, make sure to cut off power to your range. It's best if you turn the breaker to the area off for the duration of the project. Furthermore, you should turn off the natural gas supply to your home. Do not skip this important step as leaking gas can be dangerous to you and your family. You can contact your natural gas provider to ensure that you do this correctly.


Improper installations can produce carbon monoxide. This gas is poisonous to humans and animals. Always take extreme precautions when working with gas to ensure proper installation.

Get a Conversion Kit

While you may know your way around your local hardware store, this project is significantly easier with an all-inclusive conversion kit. Frigidaire makes liquid propane conversion kits specifically for their ranges. They often call these packages "LP kits" or "LP conversion kits."

Why rely on a pre-made package for your DIY project? Because they often come with labels and instructions that help you complete the conversion safely. Kits also come with the tools needed to label the range with the date you converted it.

Find the Instructions

Many gas ranges come with model-specific instructions for converting to propane. If you just bought your Frigidaire range, you can find these instructions in the range's manual. If not, you may be able to find instructions for the model online. You can find the model number in a variety of places on your range, such as behind the bottom drawer or on the backside of the unit.

If you cannot find the instructions that came with your range, that's OK. Just be sure to get a Frigidaire conversion kit and follow the directions exactly.

Basic Conversion Steps

While Frigidaire ranges vary slightly, there are a few basic steps you will take to change your range from natural gas to propane. Follow the safety precautions and trip the breaker and turn off the main gas line. Then, you can convert the pressure regulator which is at the back of the unit. Next, you can switch off each of the cooktop burners.


Save the parts that you replace, in case you ever decide to switch back to natural gas.

Next, use the conversion kit to change the burner in the oven. Once the oven burner is on propane, you can change the air shutter setting in the oven to ensure the flame is correct. Finally, you may need to adjust the low-flame settings on each burner. This may require some testing.


Use extreme caution when adjusting the oven and stovetop flames. Wear gloves and protective clothing to prevent burns.