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How to Drain Sink Water from a Pop-Up Camper

Hollan Johnson

Many modern pop-up campers are almost as nice as motor homes nowadays. They can have sinks in the kitchen and bathroom for washing hands, faces and dishes. You need to dispose of the waste water from the sinks, known as gray water, in the proper manner. Most pop-up trailers don't have a gray water tank the way motor homes do. Instead, you have to configure your own way to drain the gray water from the trailer in order to dispose of it properly.

  1. Locate the sink drain on the side of your pop-up camper and remove the cap.

  2. Screw the drain hose onto the sink drain.

  3. Place the end of the hose into the bucket or the 5-gallon tank so the sink water drains into the bucket or tank and not onto the ground.

  4. Dispose of the gray water according to the rules of the campground.