How to Make a King Size Pillowcase With a Coordinating Cuff

Linda Erlam

A coordinating cuff on a pillowcase adds a touch of custom to any bedroom. By making your own pillowcases, you add a personal touch to the room while creating one-of-a-kind covers for the pillows. You can choose any washable fabric and, by adding a coordinating cuff, create pillowcases that coordinate with several sheet and bedding sets.

A coordinating cuff pulls the pieces together.

Step 1

Cut from the main body fabric a piece 45 inches wide by 35 inches long to make a king pillow case which will be 21 inches wide and overall 40 inches long. Mark a "W" on the wrong side of each of the 45-inch edges to indicate the width edges. Cut from the coordinating cuff fabric a piece of fabric 45 inches wide by 13 inches long to create a 6-inch cuff.

Step 2

Fold the coordinating cuff piece in half, wrong sides together, to create a double piece of fabric 45 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches long. Press the folded edge.

Step 3

Open the coordinating piece and lay it on the worktable, the wrong side toward the work-surface and the right side up, with one long edge toward you.

Step 4

Lay one "W" edge of the main body fabric, right side down, on top of the coordinating fabric, matching the long raw edges. The bulk of the fabric of the case will lay across the work-surface; the other "W" edge is away from you, across the table.

Step 5

Reach across the face fabric and grasp the "W" edge that is away from you and roll the one layer of fabric toward you. Continue to roll the face fabric until you see the coordinating fabric appear from underneath. Complete one more roll.

Step 6

Grasp the far edge of the coordinating fabric and bring it toward you, over the rolled fabric, and line the edge up to the two fabric edges already pinned together. Remove the previous pins and re-pin the three layers together, being careful not to catch the rolled fabric in the pins. Stitch all along this pinned edge, 1/2 inch from the raw edge.

Step 7

Turn the resulting tube right side out. Lay the fabric out on the worktable, right side of the fabric down toward the work-surface, the coordinating band toward you and press.

Step 8

Fold the pillowcase in half, matching the outside edges, the wrong sides together. The left edge crosses in front of you to meet the right edge. Pin these two edges together evenly. When sewn, this will create the side seam. Sew this side edge seam 1/4 inch from the raw edges. Sew the remaining open raw edges together, 1/4 inch from the raw edges. This creates the end seam of the case.

Step 9

Turn the case wrong sides out, right sides together, and press. Stitch again, in 1/2 inch from the edge on the side and end seams. Turn the case right side out and press.