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How to Fix the Stove Being Next to the Refrigerator in Feng Shui

Alec Preble

In feng shui, a system of decorating the home to receive positive energy, the refrigerator is considered a water element and shouldn't be placed next to the stove. The stove, sink and refrigerator should be placed in a triangle within your kitchen to reduce conflicts between the elements. Moving the stove from next to the refrigerator may not be an option for you, so you will have to adjust the rest of the room to counteract negative energy.

The kitchen is considered a center of prosperity in feng shui.

Step 1

Separate the stove and refrigerator from each another by at least 6 inches. Place a small section of counter or a makeshift counter between the two or move both appliances over as far as possible.

Step 2

Move the microwave from above the stove. Place it so that it makes a triangle with the sink and refrigerator or remove it completely.

Step 3

Hang a mirror from the side of the refrigerator facing the stove. The mirror will reflect the stove's prosperity back into the room.

Step 4

Position the sink faucet pointing away from the stove to keep opposing forces pointing in opposite directions and counteract the vicinity of the stove and refrigerator.