How to Make a Desk Partition

Mary Jane

Desk partitions divide several desks into smaller compartments or create office cubicles in a larger office area. Desk partitions are often expensive, so building your own for your home office or business space allows you to save money and add a personal touch to the workspace. Two different types of desk partitions can be made using woodworking tools and basic plywood sheets.

Mounted Desk Partitions

Step 1

Measure the width of the desk where you wish to mount desk partitions. The width is the measurement from the back of the desk to the front. In addition, decide how high the partition must be to separate the desk into two workable spaces. Write the height and width down.

Step 2

Lay one plywood sheet down and draw the partition onto the plywood by using the height and width measurements. Cut the partition out by using the reciprocal saw. Rub sandpaper on the edges to remove cracks and splinters sticking out.

Step 3

Place the partition on the desk where you wish to mount it. Draw a pencil line around the partition’s sides directly onto the desk. Remove the partition from the desk and locate the end that will mount onto the desk. Make pencil marks on the ends, spread evenly apart. The marks must be in the center of the 1/2-inch thickness and must be at least 1 inch apart on the total width measurement.

Step 4

Use the drill and the 1/4-inch drill bit to drill small holes by using the pencil mark as your guide. Do not drill through the desk’s surface but simply create small holes for the wooden dowels. When done, add wood glue into the holes and insert a wooden dowel into each hole.

Step 5

Place the partition on top of the dowels sticking out of the holes, so it matches the pencil lines drawn on the desk. Use the pencil to mark where the wooden dowels hit the bottom of the partition. Use the drill and drill bit to make holes in the same manner as on the desk. Apply wood to the holes and insert the desk partition on the wooden dowels. Apply pressure to the partition so it stands firmly on the desk. Repeat this procedure for additional desk partitions.

Mobile Desk Partitions

Step 1

Use the measuring tape to determine the height and width of your freestanding and mobile desk partition. This partition is not mounted to the desk but is placed between desks to create office cubicles or compartments. Write the measurements down.

Step 2

Draw the freestanding partition on the plywood sheet measuring the width by height collected in the previous step. Cut the partition with the reciprocal saw and slide the sandpaper on the edges and sides to remove splinters.

Step 3

Install two table legs per side, so you have one leg facing left and right of the partition. Install them using the installation screws that come with the legs and a cordless screwdriver. Place the partition upright and place it next to the desk in question.