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How to Fix Tilted Stove Elements

Kenneth Crawford

Coil stove top elements simply plug into an outlet under the stove top. Because of their relative simplicity, coil elements often become tilted over time. Although many people simply operate the stove with a tilted element, it is possible to fix tilted stove elements. The most common reasons an element might tilt is simply due to misalignment or due to settling of the floor under the unit. Fixing a tilted element often involves small adjustments instead of replacement.

Fixing a tilted stove element is a process of elimination of possible causes.

Step 1

Turn the stove element off and allow it to cool completely. If you are currently using the oven, wait until the oven is off. Remember there is a vent from the oven through one of the rear element locations. The residual heat from the oven also makes the elements on the stove top warm to the touch.

Step 2

Find the element connection where it plugs in under the stove top. Push the tilted element at the connection to ensure it fully engages under the stove top. Sometimes the element pulls out just enough to cause it to tilt.

Step 3

Lift and pull the tilted element out of its socket. Inspect the end of the element where it plugs into the stove top. The end should be straight without bends. Place the element upside down on the counter. The top of the element should be straight and not rock back and forth with your fingers. If the element is not straight or has damage, replace it with a new one.

Step 4

Check the tilted stove element to ensure it is inside the drip bowl fully. Some drip bowls have notches for the bottom of the stove element, while other drip bowls have a ledge around the inner circumference. The element should lay flat either in the notches or on the ledge.

Step 5

Place a level across the top of the stove top to ensure the unit is level. If the entire unit is unlevel, the elements will tilt. Turn the leveling legs under the front of the unit with an adjustable wrench until the entire unit is level.