How to Make a Chair From a Pallet

Make eco-conscious and chic chairs out of an unlikely and humble building material, a simple wooden shipping pallet. Wooden pallets are often discarded when they are no longer needed by businesses. Many pallets are made from hardwoods, so they make an ideal source of wood for furniture. These chairs add style to any room, whether an urban loft or a cottage in the country. Each chair requires just a couple of pallets and can be easily made by the do-it-yourself homeowner.

Make a stylish chair out of reclaimed pallets as a weekend DIY project.

Step 1

Place one wooden pallet flat on a work surface with the top surface facing up. Slide the flat bar under the first two boards on one end of the pallet, and pry them up carefully.

Step 2

Pull the nails out of the boards you pried off with a nail puller. Remove any stray nails from the pallet where you pried off the boards in the same manner. Set the boards aside.

Step 3

Skip one board and pry off the fourth board from the same end using the flat bar. Repeat Step 2 to remove the nails. Set the board aside. The space left in the pallet from this board is for the chair back and leg assembly to slide down into place. This pallet is the seat assembly.

Step 4

Take two of the boards that you removed in Steps 1 and 3 and place them on a work surface. Measure and mark them to 12 inches using a tape measure and pencil. Lay the two boards on a miter saw and cut them to length. These are the front legs.

Step 5

Stand the end opposite the removed boards on the seat assembly pallet and lift it up. Place one front leg on each side on the raised end and drive four evenly spaced stainless-steel wood screws through the leg into the outside of the pallet with a screw gun.

Step 6

Place the second pallet flat on a work surface with the top surface facing up. Remove half the boards from one end of the pallet with a flat bar, and pull the nails out with a nail puller. This pallet is the seat back assembly. The ends with the removed boards function as the back legs.

Step 7

Insert the seat back assembly pallet end with the back leg end down through the fourth board opening in the seat assembly pallet. Lower the pallet down so that the back legs rest on the work surface. Fasten the seat back to the seat by driving four evenly spaced screws through the back legs into the seat assembly pallet with a screw gun at each joint.


  • Wear eye protection when woodworking to help prevent injury.
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