How to Make the Most of WIC

Elle Hanson

WIC is a government program designed to assist low-income families with young children. If you are a WIC participant, you can get free formula, baby food, milk, cheese, beans, fruits and vegetables using vouchers. Many WIC participants wonder how they can maximize their benefits at the grocery store. Using a few simple tricks, you can make the most of your WIC participation.

There are many ways to maximize your WIC benefits.

Step 1

Monitor your WIC vouchers carefully. Be sure not to let any vouchers expire unused. Failing to use a WIC voucher is like losing a paycheck, in that it drains your finances.

Step 2

Look for deals that are buy one, get one free. If you purchase a WIC item during this type of sale, you can get double the amount of free food. Your WIC voucher will cover the first item, and the second item will cost you nothing.

Step 3

Purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season. These tend to be cheaper, so you'll get more bang for your buck on each voucher.

Step 4

Don't be afraid to put too many fruits or vegetables in your cart. Although you might be nervous about going over the limit on your voucher, just tell the cashier you will pay for any extra fruits and vegetables separately. This will ensure you don't miss out on any of the fresh produce your WIC voucher entitles you to.

Step 5

Become familiar with the WIC guidelines regarding what you can and cannot purchase. This will ensure you don't have to set aside items at the register. When you accidentally choose a non-WIC item, you can either pay for it yourself, leave it behind or go find the right item. Failure to understand WIC guidelines costs participants time and money.

Step 6

Find recipes that incorporate WIC items, so you don't have to spend money on non-WIC items.