How to Hang Panels With Sheers and a Type of Rod

Hanging curtain panels with sheers is easy to do and most easily accomplished with a double curtain rod.
Add drapery panels to sheer curtains to add privacy and polish to a room.
Pairing curtain panels with sheers is a well-planned home decor strategy. Curtain panels are decorative, block light and create privacy. Choose panels that complement your decor, from charming country to elegant and sophisticated. Sheer panels filter light, provide daytime privacy and add a finishing touch to window decor. Double curtain rods are specifically designed for layering curtains, and make the process easy. They are just as easy to hang as single rods, and add a polished look to any room. .

Step 1

Press the curtains -- both sheers and panels -- to ensure they lie smoothly. Follow the directions on the curtains themselves for ironing; some curtains can be damaged by high heat.

Step 2

Ensure both the panels and the sheers are the same length. The curtains will hang evenly from the top of the window. Verify the length by checking the curtains' packaging or holding the panels and sheers side-by-side. Hem or drop the hem on either curtain type, if necessary, to make the curtains the same length.

Step 3

Mount the double curtain rod, according to package instructions. These typically come with three brackets which are mounted to the window with one on each side and one in the middle. The two rods then rest on the brackets, typically about an inch apart. They are frequently held in place by a screw or other fastener, to ensure they don't move around.

Step 4

Insert the front curtain rod -- often the longer of the two -- into the pocket of the curtain panels. Insert the back curtain rod -- typically shorter or narrower -- into the pocket of the sheers.

Step 5

Replace the curtain rods, beginning with the sheer curtain rod, on the brackets. Use the fastener to hold in place.

Step 6

Mount curtain tie-backs on each side of the window, if desired. These are popular with panel-sheer curtain pairs because they allow the panels to be pulled back while the sheers continue to add privacy and filter light.

Things You Will Need

  • Double curtain rod with brackets
  • Curtain panels
  • Sheer curtain panels


  • For a simpler and less expensive touch, use a single curtain rod to hang both panels and sheers. Simply mount the curtain rod as directed. Then, use a sewing machine to stitch the sheer curtains to the panels, lining the curtains up at the top and stitching as close the curtain top as possible to avoid sewing the pocket closed. Hem to the same length, if necessary. Hang the curtains from the single rod by inserting the curtain rod through the pocket of the panels. Both curtains can then be pulled back or closed, or just the top panel can be pulled back, leaving the sheer curtain to cover the window.

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