How to Build a PVC Garden Arch

Megan Shoop

Garden arches offer a stable foundation for vining plants and provide a decorative entryway for your garden. Since the entryway sets the tone for any space, a garden archway expresses how you feel about your garden. A practical garden may support beans or peas while a decorative garden may hold clematis vines or climbing roses. An elegant garden arch needn’t be expensive. Plastic PVC pipe offers a sturdy, inexpensive alternative to cedar and rod iron archways.

PVC pipe provides a sturdy building medium.

Step 1

Cut two 4-foot pieces of PVC pipe with an electric handsaw. These two pieces become the rounded tops for your garden archway.

Step 2

Heat each piece of pipe with a heat gun until the pieces feel hot to the touch. Protect your hands with leather gloves.

Step 3

Slide a pipe-bending tool down over one of the pipe pieces and pull the handle toward you bending the pipe. Bend both pieces of pipe into half circles this way. Reheat them with the heat gun if necessary.

Step 4

Cut the pipe arches into four equal parts and lay them out, so that you have three gaps between the pieces in each arch.

Step 5

Run a bead of liquid nails around the inside of the top arm openings in a T-joint. Fit the T-joint into one of the gaps in your archways. Repeat the process until all the gaps are full. When you stand the archways up, the bottom arm of each T-joint should be parallel to the ground.

Step 6

Attach one of the top arms of four more T-joints to the ends of each arch. Allow the liquid nails to dry overnight.

Step 7

Cut 12 1-1/2-foot lengths of PVC pipe. Attach three lengths of pipe to each end of each arch, using liquid nails and T-joints to connect them. When you stand the arches up parallel to each other, the open ends of the T-joints should point directly at each other. Let the liquid nails dry overnight.

Step 8

Cut five 2-foot lengths of PVC pipe. Stand the arches up so they’re parallel and glue the 2-foot lengths of pipe between the corresponding, open ends of the T-joints. The 2-foot pipes act as crossbars between the arches. Let the glue dry overnight.

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