How to Make Your Own Snow Guards

Julia Salgado

In areas with heavy snowfall, large amounts of snow collecting on the roofs of houses and other structures can cause large amounts of structural damage. In addition to this, the friction of slow-moving but massive collections of snow can cause irreparable erosion damage, leading to roof tiles needing to be replaced. Snow guards break up collections of snow on roofs, preventing large amounts of snow from collecting in the first place. They do this by creating small spikes or paddles on the roof surface itself, which prevent large amounts of snow forming. These guards can be made relatively easily by using a metal strip and an L-shaped bracket.

Step 1

Use the hack saw to cut a piece of a 3-inch wide metal strip to a 6-inch length. Measure the distance between the end of the shorter part of the L-shaped bracket and the angle of the bracket. Represent this measurement by drawing a horizontal line in pen across the metal strip the same distance from one end of the strip.

Step 2

Above this line, drill three holes into the metal strip, in a vertical line. This is where the bolts will be positioned to affix the snow guards into place. Line the L-shaped bracket up with the line drawn in step 1, so that the longer portion of the L-shape is perpendicular to the metal strip and is in line with the pen line.

Step 3

Drill a hole through the shorter length of the L-shaped bracket, close to the angle. The diameter of the hole should be slightly larger than that of your threaded bolt. Push a threaded bolt through the hole and secure it on the other side with a nut. This secures the bracket to the strip. Drill another hole, nearer the end of the strip, identical to the first one. Thread another bolt through the hole and secure it on the other side with a nut.

Step 4

Line up a piece of cardboard so it is flush with the long side of the L-shaped bracket at the angle, and so that it covers the three holes from step 2. Mark on the cardboard the positions of these three holes. This cardboard will be your template for the location of each hole.

Step 5

Place a ladder against your house and carefully climb up to roof level, and have an assistant hold the ladder at the bottom. Slide the length of strip with the three holes under a roof tile and use the template to show the positions of the holes. Mark these holes in chalk and drill rivets into the chalk marks, securing the snow guard. Descend the ladder, adjust its position, and continue fitting snow guards along the course of the roof.