How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore Gas Range Whose Burner Won't Ignite

Many gas ranges have burners that can be ignited quickly by turning a single knob. Kenmore gas range such as the Elite may fail to light if the proper maintenance and ignition steps aren't taken. They may also fail to run if you experience power problems, the unit is dirty, or if the ignition port is clogged. A few troubleshooting steps, regular inspection and cleaning may improve your unit's performance and increase its lifespan.

Step 1

Check the Kenmore gas range's power cord and make sure it's securely plugged into an outlet. If you have an electrical power outage, the gas range won't work.

Step 2

Check the surface control knob. If it isn't turned to "LITE," the burners won't ignite. Push in the knob and turn it to the "LITE" position. Wait about a second for the burner to ignite, and then turn the knob to your desired flame size.

Step 3

Clean the burner grates if the burner still won't ignite. To do so, remove them from the gas range's top surface. Brush off excessive soils, and then wash the grates in a dishwasher. Grates are dishwasher safe.

Step 4

Lift the burner cap from the burner head. Clean the burner head with a damp cloth. Brush off any food stuck between the burner slots with a small brush. Wipe off excess runoff and spills.

Step 5

Clean the orifice port on the burner with a wire or the end of a paper clip. This will clear the ignition port of particles that interfere with ignition. Replace the burner cap when you finish, and turn on the burners.

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