How to Build a Lattice Fence AC Enclosure

Air conditioning units are designed to be functional, not aesthetically pleasing. Some homeowners choose to conceal their air conditioning unit with plants and shrubs. Others hide air conditioning units behind sheds. Yet another method to conceal an air conditioner is to enclose it behind lattice fencing. The lattice can support vines, making the fence blend with the outdoors.

Step 1

Put on work gloves and dig four holes about two feet deep and six to eight inches in diameter using a post hole digger.

Step 2

Mix three parts masonry sand with one part cement in a wheelbarrow, then dampen with a hose and mix together with a masonry hoe until it has the consistency of mud.

Step 3

Set the fence posts into the holes and fill the holes with the concrete mixture.

Step 4

Let the concrete dry and harden for at least 24 hours before installing the lattice panels.

Step 5

Fasten the lattice panels to the fence posts using stainless steel nails and a nail gun to complete the enclosure.

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