How to Make a Catwalk in the Attic

Marilla Mulwane

Getting around an attic with no floor becomes a circus balancing act while trying not to fall into the insulation or through the attic floor. Although visits to the attic are infrequent, they are necessary when repairs are required. A simple catwalk allows navigation of the attic and requires little effort to make. Even if you claim you can't wield a hammer, you can make a catwalk. A catwalk is made by screwing boards along the horizontal boards on the attic floor.

Some attics contain air conditioning, water heater or furnace units.

Step 1

Place one board from the entrance to the attic in the direction you want the catwalk to go. Rest the board so that it crosses perpendicular over the horizontal boards on the attic floor. Make sure that the end of the board rests on the horizontal board closest to you.

Step 2

Place a screw on the edge of the board where it sits on the horizontal board. Drill the screw straight down through both boards. Drill a second screw a couple of inches from the first.

Step 3

Move along the board until you reach the next horizontal board. Drill two screws through the two boards.

Step 4

Rest another board after the first when you reach the end. Screw the board to the same horizontal board that the first one ended on.

Step 5

Continue laying boards and drilling screws until you have reached the wall of the attic. Add more catwalks to other points of the attic, if necessary.